Peter Ho's mole is gone!

Some celebs get some “work done” on their bodies to either help change their luck or simply for the sake of looking good. The same goes for Peter Ho…

Soon after “Summer’s Desire” began airing, sharp-eyed fans noticed that Peter’s trademark mole on the left side of his face was gone! He admitted that he got rid of it with laser and the reason was simple, “It’s just to look good, and so that I don’t need to put on an extra amount of makeup on it just to cover it up anymore.”

Peter also revealed that he’s a superstitious man who often visits a fortune master to guide him to the right direction, but he said that his master doesn’t read from facial features. Thus, the removal of his mole does not affect his luck. His schedule for this year was already fully booked and confirmed before he removed his mole.

In related news, Lee Wei spent a million dollars (NT) to get braces and fixed his crooked teeth. Afterwards, it also made his face slimmer and his chin a little pointier, becoming a little more manly than before.
 The new and improved Lee Wei with great teeth.

Other celebs with moles
Left: Rainie Yang's mole is on her right cheek / 
Right: Jam Hsiao's mole is on the left side of his face close to his chin.

Source: UDN

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