Peter Ho took 12 years to overcome his fear of Barbie Hsu

Just in case if anyone didn’t know already, Summer’s Desire is now available in HQ with full English subs from SUBlimes!! Since episode 2 is only one day away, it’d be a great idea to check out the Eng-subbed EP1 if you haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

Summer's Desire Ep01 from SUBlimes' channel

And here’s a new interview featuring the two actors:

Barbie Hsu(Da S) and Peter Ho play a couple struggling in both love and hate on the new drama Summer’s Desire. In real life, Peter Ho was actually in fear of Da S when he debuted 12 years ago. He said he used to be quite reserved back in those days, while she and her sister Dee Hsu were known to be sharp-tongued TV personalities. When he found out he was scheduled for one of their shows, Peter Ho felt like his world was about to come crashing down, because “whenever they asked me a question, my whole body would shiver. How could I face my family and friends, it was very scary!”

After appearing on the show, the actor said his “head went blank, as if the heart stopped beating, and completely forgot what to say next.” The experience left a lasting impression on Peter Ho, and even prevented him from interacting with Da S when they worked on 2005’s Phantom Lover. Their relationship eventually improved when he reached out to her for the lead role in Summer’s Desire, “I found her to be okay after I got to know her better, the real devil is her sister.” When they visited Kangxi Lai Le last week, he purposely asked Da S to look out for him, “Didn’t you guys notice I was especially quiet on Kangxi.”

Following their collaboration on Summer’s Desire, Barbie Hsu confirmed Peter Ho is someone “easy to get along with, one of the few who can be a true friend.” Peter Ho also said, “The two of us would talk about work. If I wasn't a producer today, I might have asked her out for dinner if I wasn’t so busy.” Da S quickly responded, “He had said he wanted to have a drink with me several times before, but it never happened in the end.” She also said she was most afraid of getting his calls after work, because she was worried that he would ask her to start (filming) early on the next day.

In the drama, Barbie Hsu has kissing scenes with both Peter Ho and Huang Xiao-Ming. She said she could only feel pain when she kissed the former, because he would always bump into her nose. As for the latter, she said Huang Xiao-Ming’s kissing is very professional. When asked about her on-screen kisses with ex-boyfriends Blue Lan and Vic Chou, Barbie Hsu said, “It’s been too long, I don't remember anymore.”

Source: Appledaily, SUBlimes' channel

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