Peter Ho suggests getting 42” TV for upcoming Summer’s Desire bed scene

Peter Ho gave a little preview of his drama Summer’s Desire when he attended a store opening event recently. The actor/producer revealed that he and Barbie Hsu (Da S) will soon be featured in a steamy bed scene. Although not much details were given, he couldn’t help but praise how amazing it is.

Since he's also the producer of Summer’s Desire, Peter Ho was asked if he benefited himself by including the bed scene. He cried foul and quickly pointed out, “Huang Xiao Ming and Da S had many more intimate scenes! I only have one bed scene, it can’t even compare.”

Peter Ho said his scene with Da S is on the verge of breaking television censorship standards. He added that “if your TV at home is a 40-inch, you’d wish it can increase to a 42-inch”. Due to the overly-hot scene, he has already pre-warned his parents not to watch it, “In case if my dad gets into the drama too much, he’ll start complaining all day, and ask me when I'll get marry and have kids, becoming a dad.”

As for Summer’s Desire ratings not meeting expectations, Peter Ho does feel a little nervous, “If the ratings break 5%, I’ll encourage Huang Xiao Ming to swim naked in the Danshui River.” And when will Peter Ho go skinny dipping himself? He said the bed scene should make its way on TV next month, “If the ratings break 8%, I’ll swim naked.” Uh…you should be safe then…

Did we mention that the fully-subbed ep3 is now available on Sublimes?

Source: UDN, SUBlimesFansubs’s Channel

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