One Million Singer cast challenges dance flow to dance off, hilarity ensues

Much has changed since dance flow first made their appearance as contestants on a televised dance competition.  After signing with mega-music label avex and releasing their debut album, the eight-member crew made another of many variety show appearances on popular karaoke game show One Million Singer alongside Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao and Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng.

The rookie group started off their segment in the program by putting on an energetic dance showcase before getting introduced by program host Harlem Yu.  It was during the introduction portion that Harlem got off some friendly jabs at dance flow when he grilled the group on whether their singing skills was better than his dancing.  The guys of dance flow then showed off their music knowledge by accurately singing Aaron Kwok’s classic pop song “Can’t Stop Loving You”.

Hilarity ensued following their initial song performance, as part of the cast of One Million Singer wanted to have a dance off with dance flow.  It was a battle of the cast’s cheesy versus dance flow’s slick dancing that made for great comedy relief.

The other highlight of dance flow’s segment involved group member Takeshi’s attempt at accurately singing the lyrics to a Taiwanese song.  Being the only Japanese member of the group, what made the performance highly noteworthy was during dance flow’s infancy, Takeshi barely spoke a word of Mandarin, much less Taiwanese.  Yet in the span of a couple of years, dance flow’s sole Japanese member got the lyrics to the chosen Taiwanese song down pat.

Be sure to check out the highlights of dance flow’s appearance on One Million Singer below as they have a blast singing and dance on the program!

dance flow's introductory and dance battle segment:

dance flow's Takeshi singing Taiwanese song:

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