New WAHSBBT cast performances of latest Kpop hits

It’s that time of year again when the cast of Taiwan’s highly-rated variety show WAHSBBT show off their moves (and even Korean singing!) from a new batch of Kpop hit tunes. It’s already been some time since the rising talents of WAHSBBT put on performances from their favorite Kpop idols, and since then there’s been some new faces to the cast, and even a change in the show’s airing from weekdays to weekends. Yet what hasn’t changed is the dynamic performances from the young cast members as they perform in front of a three-judge panel to critique them on their skills.

There’s a bunch of performances this time around, and the second half of these recent performances from this past weekend’s airing can be seen below. But you can also catch the first half of these performances on our awesome YouTube channel (!

Hong Shi performs After School’s “Bang!”:

Taco performs BEAST’s “Mystery”:

EDD performs Tae Yang’s “Prayer”:

Yu Tu performs Lee Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”:

Xiao Xun performs T-ara’s “I’m Really Hurt”:

Hu Ya performs Rain’s “Sad Tango”:

Tang Guo performs 4Minute’s “Muzik” + “Hot Issue”:

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