New driver Tammy Chen is confident about driving with her eyes closed

Watch out!!

31 year-old Tammy Chen (陳怡蓉) successfully completed her road test and became a licensed driver yesterday. She has actually purchased 3 cars during her 9 years in showbiz but has never driven one.

More recently, she found herself without a boyfriend/driver, in addition to costly cab rides, so Tammy decided to get herself a much-needed driver’s license. The proud driver said, “Things like driving in an S-line and backing up, I can do them with my eyes closed.  The only thing is I tend to forget to signal.”

Tammy Chen took driving lessons after her filming schedule was recently completed, “(I) was required to drive in ‘Lucky Days'. I just went ahead and did it anyways, then suddenly I realized driving should be one of my basic skills.”

After a few sessions, the actress drove on some narrow mountainside roads under the guidance of her instructor. She said, “The car in front was going so slow, my instructor screamed when I tried to pass it. I realize it was a part of driving etiquette, which is not to overtake cars carelessly.”

Tammy Chen passed her written test with full marks and got 98 on her road test. She said the first thing she wants to do is, “Driving to Ilan through the Hsuehshan Tunnel, admiring the scenery along the way while eating and relaxing.”

Source: Appledaily

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