Mark Chao keeps his clothes on for new ad campaign

Mark Chao is back again to promote yet another product in his 6th endorsement deal of the year. Unlike his recent facial wash commercial, the actor gets to keep his clothes on for the Samsung EX1 digital camera.
Mark Chao's former costar Vic Chou is the spokesperson for Sony Alpha.

Mark Chao looked noticeably slimmer at the press conference compared to the chubby face we've gotten used to over the past few months. He revealed that he wasn’t much of a photographer until becoming the camera's spokesperson. In fact, he doesn't like to take pictures of himself and prefers to shoot scenery rather than people.

Mark Chao recently opened a micro blog on Sina and attracted 20,000 fans in one day. He wrote in his first entry, "Since using my face as the avatar would get me criticized for being narcissistic, so (I) could only use a (picture of a) bear. We are really just grass.” He quoted the last line from his movie Monga, which referred to following the direction of the wind. Despite being cautious with his words, Mark Chao was still mocked by netizens for looking like Winnie the Pooh.

No EX1 commercial yet, but here are other recent Mark Chao CFs:

Mark Chao doing his Lu Chen impersonation for Quaker Oatmeal from momegu's Channel

Samsung Monte from samsungimagine's Channel (watch out for the photoshop'ed swim trunks in the beginning)

Original "with butts" version from mars378987863's Channel

Mark Chao's melodramatic breakup with "Calorie" from gar0922's Channel

Source: Chinatimes, UDN
Videos: momegu, samsungimagine, mars378987863, gar0922

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