Artist Spotlight (#2): William "Weibird" Wei

If you love the soulful sounds of Khalil Fong, Crowd Lu, and Xiao Yu, then you'll definitely fall in love with this guy the way I did!

His name is William Wei (韋禮安), but he is better known as "Weibird". My initial thought as I heard his debut single "Have You Ever" (有沒有) was "Wow, his english is pretty good. Is he an ABC?" Turns out no, but both his parents have studied in the United States and he himself studied abroad when he was in high school. Added onto the fact that he is a Foreign Language Major at National Taiwan University (the Harvard of Taiwan), and it all explains how he could croon "turn off the radio" with a perfect accent and win my heart.

"Have You Ever"
, self-composed by Weibird, is an emotional ballad about past love and whether the memories were genuine. The MV accompanies this idea by providing a hauntingly dreamlike sequence in the background while a 360-degree camera makes the room appear like it's spinning

Further research reveals that this 23-year old is not only both talented and intelligent, he is also very down-to-earth! It turns out in 2007 he was the winner of popular Variety TV Show "Happy Sunday"'s End of The Year Talent Contest, receiving $10,000 NT.

singing Khalil Fong's "Ai Ai Ai" at 2:15

Maroon 5's "This Love"

However, instead of riding on his 15 minutes of fame and releasing an album immediately after his victory, Weibird admits he felt "he didn't have anything to offer" towards music and chose to take his time to release a satisfactory debut album three years later, which drops June 4, today (this was a total coincidence that I discovered him today, by the way).

I wish him the best of luck and am definitely getting my brother to buy me a copy of his CD while he's in Taiwan! If you can, definitely check this guy out!

Source: Fountain of Joys@wordpress, Weibird's Facebook

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