Magician Lu Chen predicts news headlines for August 13

Magician Lu Chen will be returning to Taiwan on August 13th and 14th. The 33 year old has started his Mainland China tour since May of last year and has already done 47 shows, magically pocketing NT$296,380,000. If his two shows in August are sold-out, he will make another NT$12,000,000!

Several days ago, Lu Chen performed the trick of splitting the head and body at a show in Beijing.

Yesterday, he returned to Taiwan to hold a press conference and made a prediction on August 13 as one of the many magic tricks that he will be performing in the show. He predicted six events that would make news headlines on that day and wrote them on a piece of paper, then locked it inside a box as well as sealing it with strips of tape. The key is kept by San-Want Hotel and the box will be placed in the lobby on the first floor, guarded by security all day. The box will be delivered to the venue on August 13, where he will then reveal its contents.

I predict...

Last year, he successfully predicted heavy rain in Changsha, Hong Kong stars Vivian Chow and Joe Nieh’s kiss, and news of Olympic gold medalist Liu Xiang’s come back. When asked where his inspirations come from, Lu Chen responded, “Sometimes I see images in my dreams.”

Making the headline himself on the front page of Appledaily's entertainment section.

At the press conference, he also performed a card trick. A female audience member picked out a “diamond 9” while with her back facing him. Afterwards, he randomly scattered some ashes and miraculously created a drawing of diamond 9 with them. Interestingly, mandopop King Jay Chou had once performed a similar trick during an interview on FTV.

Diamond 9!

The similar card trick by magician Jay Chou.

Lu Chen profile:
Age: 33 years old (1976/06/25)
Height/Weight: 173cm / 63Kg
History: started learning magic since age 7 / was a judge on “Variety Big Brother" in 2007 (magic show segment) / was invited on CCTV’s Chinese New Year show to perform and popularity skyrocketed
Income: NT$100,000,000 a year
Love rumors: In November of last year, Lu Chen was seen having dinner in Taipei with Mainland China’s new star Xu Song, but relationship ended right after the exposure.

Source: Appledaily TW

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