Lu Chen makes two hundred and sixty million after touring for a year

Just last week, Magician Lu Chen was presented with the Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society. He reveals that it’s the 23rd award that he has received in the last ten years, “Although this is a form of recognition, I care more about my audience recognizing me.”

Lu Chen has already done 40 magic shows on tour, where there are approximately three thousand attendees per show, at a ticket price of $450 RMB. Based on that calculation, it is speculated that Lu Chen has made almost two hundred and sixty million TWD. But he shakes his head and denies, “Only a small amount actually comes to me.”

After appearing on CCTV’s Chinese New Year program two years in a row, Lu Chen has received endless invitations to have him perform on various shows. It’s rumored that he gets two million RMB (~9.4 million TWD) to perform on one show in the Mainland, but Lu Chen denies this, “It’s really exaggerated! It’s really not that much!”

Magician Lu Chen returned to Variety Big Brother yesterday (recording) and showcased his brand new magic tricks. Lu Chen confidently expressed about his new poker cards trick, “This is the magic trick that many magicians have wanted to know the technique to for the past 60 years. Although there are many similar ones like this, but I think my version is the best and the most perfect.” He also took the opportunity to promote his upcoming tour in Taiwan during August.

There have been countless netizens exposing the tricks behind Lu Chen’s magic. Lu Chen comments, “So far, there have been some that are close, but there hasn’t been one that has actually exposed the real technique.”

Lu Chen performed his new "string cutting throat" magic trick:

He first takes out a candy drop and prepares to swallow it...

 He swallows it, where it then appears to be stuck in halfway in this throat.

He takes out a string and slices it through his throat.

He successfully takes out the candy that was stuck in his throat with the string.

Source: Appledaily, Lu Chen's blog

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