Limited edition of Peter Ho’s new album comes with undies

There's no word on what size they come in yet.

Peter Ho held a press conference yesterday in Beijing to announce the release of his new album Remember Loved (我記得我愛過). The star of Summer’s Desire wore a white suit and made his grand entrance through a humongous heart made with red roses. Over 2000 fans and 100 media outlets from across Asia attended the outdoor event, which reportedly cost 3 million (NTD).
Ruby Lin appeared at the press conference to show her support.

Peter Ho’s new album includes a DVD with 7 music videos starring top actresses like Ruby Lin. In addition to that, a limited edition will be available for sale in the mainland only – 10,000 copies of the mainland edition, which goes by the title Perfect Lover (完美情人), will feature 2 pairs of couple-undies.

The undies are especially designed by Peter Ho himself with the environment in mind. He said, “The image of a light bulb serves as a reminder to turn off the lights, while the electrical outlet is a reminder for everyone to unplug.” Of course it’s perfectly innocent by the way he described it. However, on the actual “product”, the images are accompanied by the lines “Don’t turn me on” and “Unplug me” respectively.

He further explained, “Everyone shouldn’t think of this the wrong way. We all emphasize on being environmental nowadays. I only hope when couples wear them, they’ll remind each other to turn off the light or unplug when they see the underwear.”

"Unplug me"...

Peter Ho also revealed that it took him tremendous effort to convince Jay Chou’ long time collaborator Vincent Fang (方文山) to work on his album. Fang eventually wrote the lyrics for the title song “Remember Loved” which is also the theme of Summer’s Desire. Peter Ho said it took him 7 glasses of wine and was almost completely drunk before getting his wish. He could have avoided all this trouble by giving Vincent Fang a pair of personally-designed undies.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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