Leehom Wang disguises himself as a soccer fan in new movie

Leehom Wang is back with a new image in the latest stills from his directorial debut Love in Disguise (戀愛通告). Instead of the street-style Leehom-Sharp, it looks like he and his sidekick Chen Han Dian are soccer fans in disguise this time around.

The film crew joked that Leehom looked a lot like the great Argentina striker Gabriel Batistuta. On the other hand, Chen Han Dian wasn’t feeling so great about being in a soccer uniform, “I’m only 171 cm. I look like a child wearing adult clothing.”

In related news, Leehom-Sharp probably won’t be asked to promote road safety anytime soon. The star was walking his way back home after dinner with friends at the Sheraton Taipei. He signed some autographs and chatted with fans before realizing reporters were following him. Leehom continued his “walk” by listening to music on his iPhone and looking up into the skies. Maybe he was too deep into his thoughts as he freely crossed a red light, despite there was a police station at the intersection.

Leehom later responded through his manager that he’ll be more careful next time. She said he missed the red light because he was in a rush to get home to work on his movie. As for his iPhone, she revealed that his endorsement deal with Sony Ericsson has already ended last year, so there was no breach of contract.

Source: Libertytimes, Nownew, Serenity Entertainment Internatinal

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