Lala Xu gets rid of cheating boyfriend

Many will be watching LaLa Xu closely at the Golden Melody Awards later this month as she received a whopping 6 nominations for her debut album. We don't know how many trophies she'll take home on the 26th, but one thing we know for sure -- She won’t be accompanied by her boyfriend and fellow Million Star (Superstar Avenue) contestant Born Li(李伯恩), as their relationship is officially done for good.

The now ex-couple competed against each other back in 2008 on the 3rd season of Million Star. Born Li confessed his love for Lala Xu on TV when he was eliminated, and the two became an item shortly after. In February of last year, he was seen on a date with Da Tian from the girl band Cherry Boom, to which he denied.

More recently, Born Li was rumored to be seeing Catherine from the show University while Lala Xu was promoting overseas. Several days after the GMA nominations, Lala Xu met her boyfriend for breakfast and borrowed his phone as her own was low on battery. She apparently found photos and text messages from Catherine on Li’s iPhone.

Lala Xu was spotted in Dsquared2 at the Taipei 101 with her staff yesterday. She confirmed that they have indeed broken up, “It wasn’t completely because of this matter (of cheating). There were other factors that stopped us from keep going, but this matter was the last straw.” When asked if they would reconcile, she said, “Not possible!” She added, “I've never regretted (about accepting Born Li’s pursuit), but it’s worth reflecting on.”
Lala Xu looks like she has already slimmed down for the GMAs...

Born Li responded through his manager, “They did break up but it was not because of cheating. Catherine is only a friend.” Catherine also stated that they are not involved. As for why she was seen at his apartment 2 nights ago, she explained that she was there to film a video for Born Li and his bandmate, who is actually a close friend of hers.

Source: Appledaily

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