Jolin's boss didn't know she was going to Jay Chou's concert

Jay Chou’s latest concert might have come to an end, but the excitement is far from over. At the after party, he explained the reason behind Double J’s surprising on-stage reunion, “Being able to shock you all, I feel very cool.” He also clarified that he and Jolin Tsai are just "friends".
Two thumbs up for shock factor...

As for whether they would get back together in the future, he said, “Let's stop (talking about) this.  It’s been ten years already, but (I) hope the classic scene (of their on-stage reunion) will live on.”  Jay Chou apparently can't stand images from his 2004 dance off with Jolin Tsai being used over and over again. He should rest easy now that the media can play both their new and old footage.

Jay Chou might be laughing inside as he successfully shocked the public, but there’s one man who must not taking this news easily. Sam Chen (陳澤杉), the head of Warner Music in Greater China, happens to be in a well-publicized feud with Jay Chou over the past few years.  He denied earlier that Jolin Tsai, a Warner artist, would appear at Chou’s concert, “Definitely not possible, (you’re) mistaken.” Looks like he wasn’t told about the surprise that Double-J had in store for everyone.

Coincidentally, Jolin Tsai will be a “free” woman after the release of her new album in July. It remains to be seen if she will stay with Warner, sign with a new record company created by her management, or work even more closely with Jay Chou.

Sam Chen, a man who got pwned!

There's no need to feel bad because Hip-Hop Jay looks very cool...

Last but not least, maybe this should be added to Jay Chou’s wiki someday:
Jay Chou: A superstar whose influence reaches beyond the entertainment pages. His epic on-stage reunion with rumored-ex-girlfriend Jolin Tsai made it on the front page of Appledaily on June 14, 2010. It proved to be more important than the World Cup and news about ECFA.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, UDN

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