Jolin Tsai says she's "not crazy yet" on getting back together with Jay Chou

Of course we can’t go on another day without more updates and reactions on the front-page worthy Double J reunion. As a real life reunion looking increasingly possible, Jolin Tsai took matters into her own hands and answered everyone's question on her blog, “I’m not crazy yet! I’m only crazy about performing!”

The much talked about event has been heavily scrutinized by fans and the media. Many fans who attended the first two nights of Jay Chou's concert are complaining that they missed out on the big “show”. Meanwhile, the media suspects it was a publicity stunt, as well as a move to save Jay Chou’s image after the Monkey-girl scandal.  The singer and his company denied such claims and said they have no intention of exploiting Jolin Tsai.

Jay Chou’s ex-girlfriend Patty Hou was asked about the Double J reunion at a taping of her show Azio Superstar. She joked that everything was started by the big mouth of her cohost Jacky Wu. She also added she doesn’t mind being on stage with the other two, "(I've) always welcomed the opportunity, and never said I won't share the stage with anyone."

As for the performance, she praised, “Very spectacular, amazing to watch.” When asked whether she would said yes if Jay Chou ask her to be his special guest, Patty Hou responded, “I’m someone’s wife now so that wouldn’t be appropriate. (We) rarely stay in touch.”

And does she think Double J will get back together? The soon-to-be Mrs. Huang answered, “That is the mystery of the century. I won't be able to answer that, and have no control over it, but I hope everyone around me can be happy.”

Which bring up an interesting question, would you invite your ex to your wedding?...

Source: Chinatimes

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