Jolin Tsai makes surprise appearance at Jay Chou's concert

Oh my…’s a shocker…

Jay Chou continued to wow fans on the 3rd night of his concert at the Taipei Arena. Not only did he impress the audience with yet another performance, but more surprisingly, his rumored ex-girl friend Jolin Tsai was special guest of the night!

The Era 2010 World Tour marks the 4th tour in Jay Chou's 10-year career. Its state-of-the-art visual effects and production is said to cost 100 million (NTD). However, the concert was criticized by fans for being too short and featuring too many singers from his company. Jay Chou was quick to react as he added 4 songs on the second night. JVR Music’s Lara, The Drifters, Cindy Yen and Gary Yang all took the stage. Unfortunately, The Drifters was noticeably the show’s washroom break when they performed.

After former J-Girls Jessie Chiang and Hebe attended the concert earlier, fans got a real surprise when Jolin Tsai appeared as the special guest on the final night. She ascended onto the stage while Jay Chou was singing “Give Me The Time of a Song” during the encore. Fans were shocked and excited as they screamed through the rumored ex-couple's entire performance. Interestingly, Jay Chou previously said his special guest would be someone beyond everyone's expectations.  And yes, he has kept his word indeed.

Here's a clip from gar0922's Channel

Source: Nownews, gar0922's channel, UDN

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