Joe Cheng to return to idol dramas in latter half of the year

Rumors say that Joe Cheng has not starred in any idol dramas for the past year and a half due to pressure from Ethan Ruan. Yesterday, he appeared at the press conference in Shanghai for his new online idol drama, “歡迎愛光臨” (roughly translates to Welcome Love).

He clarified the reason that he hasn’t worked on any new dramas, “I’ve done too many dramas with similar roles. I felt that I’ve been lacking passion, so I wanted to take a rest. But I will return to work later this year.” He emphasized that it had nothing to do with Ethan and the two are good friends, “We are buddies. After filming idol dramas for 6 to 7 years, I just wanted to stop for a bit and try new roles. In the latter half of the year, I will film both series and movies.”

In “歡迎愛光臨” (Welcome Love), he plays a dispirited cameraman. For this role, he specially grew a small moustache and permed his hair. Venturing into the Mainland market, he is coupled with the rising Mainland star, Li Fei-Er. Li Fei-Er is also rumored to be Huang Xiao-Ming’s real girlfriend.

On a variety show, she stated that she had dated Huang Xiao-Ming for three years, where they once broke up, but were back together again. When asked about Angelababy, she coolly said that Angelababy often has dinner with Huang Xiao-Ming, but that it’s just rumors.

However, Huang Xiao-Ming's manager responded, “It’s her mouth that’s talking, (so) we can’t control it. But as for her explanation, we have no comment.”

The drama is produced by the popular online video streaming site, Tudou. They expressed that the drama is to test new forms of making idol dramas.

Source: UDN

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