Jody Chiang gets her own Absolute Boyfriend

It might look like one of those composite photos from America’s Most Wanted, but don’t mistaken it for a picture of a criminal. In fact, it is Jody Chiang Hui’s Ideal Man!

Doesn't Jody Chiang's Absolute Boyfriend look eerily similar to Chen Han Dian?

Jody Chiang (江蕙), or the Queen of Taiwanese Music, released her latest album 當時欲嫁 (roughly translates to “Wanted to get married at that time”) on the 16th. She was asked to create her ideal husband based on the facial features of Chang Fei (張菲), Fei Yu Ching (費玉清), Jay Chou and Abin Fang.

The songstress picked Abin Fang’s long hair, Fei Yu Ching’s nose and eyebrows, Jay Chou’s eyes and lips to create her man “Fei-Jie-Bin” (費杰鑌). She reluctantly selected Chang Fei’s signature sunglasses, but refused to add them on in the end.  She said, “He’s old, the young ones should always be chosen. How come good-looking men like Leehom Wang and Show Luo weren’t included?”

Jody Chiang has remained single since breaking up with her boyfriend 6 years ago. In accordance with the album’s theme, the press conference was decorated like a wedding banquet. She laughed, “It feels like getting married! I think I won’t be getting married for the rest of my life, so it’s nice to do this at least once.”

Jody Chiang’s 4 concert dates in Taipei and 2 in Kaohsiung have already been sold out. She is said to be looking for a venue in Taichung, or might be adding a 5th show in Taipei.

Here she is at Jay Chou's concert from fannyshowbb's Channel

Source: Chinatimes, fannyshowbb's Channel

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