Jody Chiang becomes a packaging worker for Jay Chou

The Queen of Taiwanese Music recently brought the servers down when tickets went on sale for her concerts in October. Nevertheless, Jody Chiang( 江蕙) still found time to drop by Jay Chou's JVR Music when she’s not creating havoc on the Internet.
Some lucky fans might get a copy of Jay Chou's album packaged by Jody Chiang herself...

Unfortunately the boss himself was nowhere to be seen, to which the staff joked, “Superman is out in his Batmobile rescuing people.” Jody Chiang wrote in her blog, “Seeing that everyone is busy with packaging President Chou’s The Era album, and still have to look after a “special guest” like myself… …(I) heard the albums are out of stock already. Wa! Superman is amazing. I’ll disregard my status as a special guest, and join force with the packaging!”

She also praised President Chou’s maturity, “Seeing him in recent TV interviews, (I) realized he has matured, and not impulsive anymore. His personality of always helping people, during this incident, it…” She implied that Jay Chou showed his maturity in dealing with the Monkey-King girl scandal. But the songstress also didn’t forget to take a shot at him, “Can I get a ride in the Batmobile?”

Source: Appledaily

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