Jing Wong and Nick Chou perform a "safety kiss" on 100% Entertainment

Jing Wong showed his support for labelmate Nick Chou and accompanied him on 100% Entertainment (videos at bottom of post). To put their friendship to the test, Jing was tied to the chair of punishment while Nick was presented with a series of questions. Whenever fans were unsatisfied with Nick’s answer, Jing would be given a punishment. Since Nick was unwilling to reveal any “real” answers to the questions, Jing desperately tried to come up with his own answers for Nick, but in the end, he still faced the same fate. On top of being hit in the forehead and having his leg hair removed, Jing was also given the ultimate punishment of performing a…“safety kiss with another guy”!

Left: Host Show Luo showed no mercy and hit Jing in the forehead. /
Right: words cannot express his pain...

It was revenge time when it was Nick’s turn to take a seat while Jing was to answer questions. Jing assured, “No one will be satisfied with my answers!” (so that Nick would be punished) When Xiao Gui asked, “Currently, do you have a crush on anyone.” Knowing that Jing would not give any “satisfying” answers, Nick decided to “save” himself and revealed that Jing once took actress Li Jia Ying to Khalil Fong’s concert. Nick was immediately untied from the chair and Jing had to receive a second hit on the forehead from Show Luo where Show shouted, “You privately took a girl to a concert! You should be punished!”

Show was literally ROFL from being entertained by the duo with their responses.

Luck was on Nick’s side as he received very minor punishments like a light slap on the hand and Show blowing in his ear. But the most memorable punishment must have been receiving a not-so-safety "safety kiss" from Jing…

The safety kiss...

The duo was glad that the questioning was over.

Jing Wong receives his safety kiss from a male fan

Jing takes revenge by deliberately not answering questions, causing Nick to be punished

The odd couple Buddies Nick and Jing perform Jolin's "Real Man" in original key

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