Jay Chou sings "come back to me" directed towards Jolin Tsai?

Jay has been carefully building his masterpiece, "The Era" album, for several years. Every word in the lyrics have been analyzed, and the fans are not willing to let off any chances and clues to get closer to the King of the World (Jay Chou). The fifth song of this new album "Long time no see", was published after rumors were spread online written by Jolin Tsai, which include that Jay and Jolin reconciled.

According to the detailed lyrics, it offers some evidence, such as: "Has your puppy grown up?", "Cold wars are no longer popular", and "Hurry up and come back to my side". It looks as if he really knows what he is doing. According to one weekly publication, Jolin Tsai's agent responded that bloggers have such a big imagination, both Jay and Jolin are still friends.

In recent entertainment news, they have pointed out Jay's new song "Long Time No See" using words like puppy, picture, scarf, waiting for the right time to cut hair. Ordinary narrative of the couple's detailed life, commonly could affect someone's feelings. Speaking of Jolin's "hurt feelings" from her song "The Prologue", there are so many similarities.

Jay's every album's lyrics have a lasting charm, and further like to blend and reflect on a concept and has been checked and revealed. Places all over like schools and courtroom never forgets to quote, affecting the great Chinese-speaking world. Whether "Long time no see" is vaguely how the king's (Jay) way of telling the queen (Jolin), being able to tell a story from singing a song, fans will be able to add their imagination to songs.

Source: stars.udn.com

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