Ip Man director to remake A Chinese Ghost Story

It’s one of the most popular Hong Kong movies of all time and certainly my absolute favorite. The 1987 classic A Chinese Ghost Story starring two of the most beautiful faces in the industry was a huge hit all over Asia. More than 20 years later, director Wilson Yip will try to strike magic again with Crystal Liu and Yu Shao-Qun (余少群), reprising the roles played by Joey Wong and the late Leslie Cheung respectively. The very-tanned Louis Koo will play Yan Chi-Xia, aka the super athletic Taoist priest who can fight spirits and sing while doing back flips.

Interestingly, the 1987 version was already the second time the ghostly tale has been made into a feature film.  It was loosely based on a short story in the famous “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (聊齋志異)” published in the 1700s. The first film adaptation was made in 1960, and there was also a TV adaptation starring Barbie Hsu in 2003, as well as an online game in 2009.

Director Wilson Yip said the new movie is a not a remake nor a sequel. It will have a completely new twist on the story and feature many special effects, “20 years have past after all. The development of CG allows us to do everything that we want. It is also the area I’m most excited about.” He said he still remembers when people were rushing into the theaters to see the film back in the 80s. However, he also feels the pressure is greater to remake this classic compared to Ip Man.

On the left: Yu Shao-Qun received many positive reviews for his role in Forever Enthralled (梅蘭芳).
On the right: Crystal Liu tends to look more heavenly than ghostly

A Chinese Ghost Story from 1987

A Chinese Ghost Story from 1960

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