Idol actors become singers to maintain popularity and make more money

Probably most known for its Kpop and Jpop imports (ie. Super Junior and SNSD / KAT-TUN and Arashi) in the local Taiwan market, Avex has recently signed quite a few idol drama actors and turned them into singers – with a good reason.

Immediately after Eddie Peng resolved the contract dispute with his previous agency, Avex helped him release his first EP, “Must Love.” Although there are only a total of five songs on the EP, with Eddie’s popularity accumulated from acting in dramas, the company is willing to spend big in promoting him and even finding Shu Qi and Tiffany Hsu to star in his MVs.

Similarly, Joe Cheng also released a five-track EP, “Sing a Song,” and even invited supermodel Lin Chi-Ling to star in his MV. On the other hand, popular idol drama actress Ariel Lin released the full ten-track album, “Sweet Garden.” Being serious about her singing career, she invited two members from Super Junior to be in her MV. Although many were surprised to see these idol actors/actresses go into singing, Avex had all three of them take music lessons before releasing their EPs and albums in order to help them on how to express their emotions through singing instead of gestures (acting).

With his upcoming third album soon to be released, Danson Tang also falls into this category. He first started out acting in dramas and then went into singing. Many people question whether these idol actors/actresses are really serious about singing or why a record company would bother helping them release albums.  Industry analysts point out that acting in a drama is only a one time event, while a song can be sung over a thousand times.  It becomes more convenient to promote these idols with songs when they have no dramas currently on the air - and maintain popularity.  But their main area of focus is how to move or attract the audience with their singing the same way they do with acting.

And the biggest reward for an idol actor-turned-singer is that now they can further expand their careers and earn even more money by being able to perform at paid concerts in the Mainland. Even if it’s only their first album or EP, these idol drama actors can request for a higher price than other new singers due to their existing fan base. With their own songs, it makes obtaining performances even easier because of their readiness. So it’s no wonder so many idol actors expand into singing.

Other idol actor-turned-singers include F4, which they not only released albums as a group, they also released solo albums. After Dylan Kuo became popular with “The Outsiders,” he joined Warner Music and released an album. Viter Fan, who has been quite a hot topic recently due to his scandals with Cyndi Wang, is also planning to release an album – some people suspect that all the recent news is part of the promotion.

Source: UDN

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