Hit-5 prepped for Taiwan's variety shows with offbeat humor

Fresh off their arrival to Taiwan from their native mainland China, idol group Hit-5 has been requested by their management company to "maintain harmony between the two shores (in reference to the cultural and political differences between Taiwan and mainland China)"; primarily, Hit-5 has been asked to avoid talking about any topics related to politics, religion, and sex. Furthermore, the members of Hit-5 have been instructed to respond to questions in an off-beat tone.

When asked, "Do you follow a religious belief?", they answer, "We believe in space aliens."  If they're virgins?  They answer, "What virgins?  We know five girls (referring to the fingers on their hands to imply masturbation). That's the internet!"  It's in response to Hit-5's official statement for their "reputation as virgins".

But when asked if they like either the "Blue" or "Green" party (referring to the colors used by the two dominant political parties in Taiwan), they all say "Blue", and when it's related to the political parties, their faces turn white. "Is Ma Ying-jeou (Taiwan's current president) handsome?" They say in chorus, "So handsome, we like him." Is Hu Jintao (China's current president) handsome? They say, "He's not", and then they also say frankly, "Wen Jiabao (China's premier before Hu Jintao) is more handsome."

Hit-5 is geared for a three-month stay to receive training in Taiwan, where everything the group has encountered has been a new experience. Fans of watching Taiwanese entertainment and playing mahjong, they feel that the mahjong shows in Taiwan "are the most incredible". Additionally, the five guys are huge fans of Japanese-Taiwanese entertainer Makiyo.

Source: China Times, China News

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