Hit-5 hoping to revitalize Taiwan’s Mandopop boy band glory days

During the height of Taiwan’s Mandopop boy band craze in the early part of the decade, groups such as F4, 5566, 183 Club, and Fahrenheit got female fans’ hearts racing with their handsome looks, charming personalities, and chart-wooing melodies. Yet if recent history from the past year or two is any indication, the Mandopop boy band craze has been more or less of a disappointment as of late.

Like many trends though, the boy band craze is cyclic, so it was expected that it would be only a matter of time before the trend would be revitalized. With the smashing success of Mandopop group Super Junior-M a year ago, it was predicted that perhaps the revitalization process would get its start from the Korean-based group, but ever since the uncertain future of the group following the departure of popular member Han Geng, the boy band craze experienced a slight false start and a delayed revitalization until at least Fahrenheit’s expected comeback later this year.

Due to the gap between Super Junior-M’s last major activities and Fahrenheit’s anticipated return, the management company behind mainland boy band Hit-5 felt it was the perfect time to capitalize on this lull by debuting the group onto Taiwan shores and its highly competitive market. The move for Hit-5 probably couldn’t have come at a better time, since Taiwan is currently experiencing one of its longest major droughts in the Mandopop boy band craze. The only surprise was that such a move came from the mainland Chinese side instead of the powerhouse boy band factories from the South Korean side, or even the domestic Mandopop boy band professionals from the Taiwanese side.

Long known as being a country that imported music trends from the West or from neighboring countries, the pop music industry in mainland China several years ago began training in-house talents in the hopes of one day marketing a boy band treasure of their own. The trend could be seen with boy bands such as Top Combine and M.I.C. participating in numerous activities in the mainland side, but the biggest surprise from the mainland side was when Hit-5 arrived to Taiwan in full force.

From Hit-5’s appearances in every major Taiwanese variety show to countless musical performances around Taiwanese venues, Hit-5’s management made it obvious that they’re clearly invested in restarting the boy band craze. By doing so, they’ve positioned themselves to compete directly against popular domestic group Fahrenheit for the title of top Mandopop boy band. It’s a lot to demand from the new challengers, as the Taiwanese music industry is far from forgiving to music artists compared to its counterpart in mainland China. Yet with a headstart to their senior rivals this year, Hit-5 hopes to become relevant and garner new fans by the time Fahrenheit makes their triumphant return to the Mandopop scene later this fall.

Photo Source: chinanews.com

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