Heavily criticized Golden Melody Awards drew big ratings

TTV’s production of the 21st Golden Melody Awards hasn’t received much love ever since it aired last Saturday. Despite all the criticisms, it still managed to score the best ratings in GMA history with an average of 5.2%, attracting over 5.6 million viewers. The most-watched segment was Best Mandarin Female Singer with 7.51%, while speeches by government officials (including Vice President Vincent Siew) was the lowest rated at 3.18%.

TTV's production and the awards themselves received plenty of complaints as expected. However, the red carpet was its biggest failure as stars and designer clothing drenched in the rain. The 4-hour show was filled with numerous long-winded presenters, as well as some questionable performances—Most noticeably the return of singer Monique Lin (林慧萍) after a long hiatus. She was criticized for sounding nowhere close to what she used to be.

In related news, David Tao was reportedly too drunk to realize he had won Best Mandarin Male Singer at the GMA’s. He was said to be spotted with a woman at a food court in Singapore on the night of the show.  Surprisingly, the singer issued a statement today refuting that claim. He stated he was in fact having dinner with the music director of his concert, Wu Qing Long (吳慶隆), and his wife in Singapore, followed by attending a musical together.

Hosts Harlem Yu and Dee Hsu tried their best to keep everyone awake.

JJ Lin received many praises for his performance.

The "7 Sins" of the 21st Golden Melody Awards (courtesy of Appledaily)

Prolonging the show to include more advertisements
TTV’s response: It was to end the show on the hour for programming purposes.

Failure to set up tents over the red carpet, leaving stars embarrassed in the rain
TTV’s response: Tents would interfere with lighting and cameras, men (male models) were hired to hold see-through umbrellas.

Boring segments interrupting the show’s flow
TTV’s response: Artistes interacted well with the audience; (the segments) were the best in years.

Lack of experience leading to poor control
TTV’s response: There were technical flaws but we’ll learn and improve.

Fans protested over-distribution of tickets
TTV’s response: This happens every year; standby attendees were let in up till 8:30 pm

Unfair treatment of acceptance speeches (lesser-known winners were cut short)
TTV’s response: The last 3 awards had to fill the hour, so there was no restriction on the length of their speeches.

Poor audio
TTV’s response: Heavy rain interfered with signals.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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