Harlem Yu says he won’t pull a double J stunt

While most of us are still not over with the shock from the epic “Double J” reunion, Harlem Yu was asked by the media yesterday whether he would pull the “Double J” stunt and invite his ex-wife Annie Yi to be his special guest at his upcoming mini-concerts. He immediately responded while with his eyes wide open, “I don’t think so.”
Left: Harlem Yu is confident that his vocals will be enough to attract the audience. /
Right: Annie Yi released her album in April and continues to blog about her thoughts on life after divorce.

Yesterday, Harlem Yu announced that he will be holding two mini concerts on July 23rd and 24th at Legacy. The concert is named, “Harlem’s Night Club,” and to match its retro style, Harlem wore his old school uniform when he studied at NTUT (National Taipei University of Technology) while announcing the concerts. In addition, Harlem will be co-hosting the Golden Melody Awards with Xiao S (Dee Hsu) on next Saturday. Despite Xiao S is known to be a not-so-great singer, he promises that when Xiao S sings on that night, everyone will be in awe and say, “How come (her singing is) so good?”

Source: Appledaily TW

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