"The Green Hornet" trailer starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou released

Fresh off the heels from his successful string of concerts in Taipei on his The Era 2010 World Tour, Jay Chou makes a splash in the western hemisphere as the movie trailer for his first Hollywood Film, "The Green Hornet", has been released. The movie, which also includes American actors Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz and directed by Michel Gondry, is a superhero film about protagonist Brett Reid, former party boy who turns into a vigilante after his famous father is mysteriously found dead. Jay Chou plays Reid's valet driver, Kato, who of course knows martial arts skills. Jay's english is still broken but the writers do a good job of giving him short quips to say in order to increase comic effect and cast him as the voice of reason against the bumbling Seth Rogen. Some commenters have even said he steals the show. The trailer is shown below.

The film is slated to release January 2011, will you be there?

Source: Entertainment Weekly (ew.com)

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