Frog Prince takes his son to Wing Chun lessons after watching Ip Man 2

Frog Prince Frankie Gao (高凌風) and his son fell in love with Wing Chun after watching Ip Man  2. The star originally wanted to send his boy to Beijing's Shaolin to study the martial art, but after considering the factors involved, he decided to take his son to a local Wing Chun studio instead, “I think (Wing Chun) can be studied in Taiwan anyways, there’s no need to go to the mainland.”
Not quite Ip Man, but Bao-di and dad Frankie Gao show off their Wing Chun moves.

Frankie Gao now takes 12 year-old Bao-di to the Francis Szeto Wing Chun Kuen Studio once a week. The guys usually practice for hours in each session, “Bao-di’s punches are very heavy, (I) can’t take them anymore!” There are both male and female students studying Wing Chun at the studio, but most are young people. Although the 60 year-old Frankie Gao is one of the most “mature” students, he didn’t show any signs of fear when he traded punches with his teacher. Master Szeto had this to say about the prince, “(He) has already passed the age of taking up (Wing Chun), but from a different angle, considering he was able to play along with me like that, it’s great!” Frankie Gao commented, “It’s a good sport, (you'd) get all sweaty immediately. It made me feel younger, like a student going back to school again.”

Bao-di apparently is not only a fan of Wing Chun, but he is also crazy about Michael Jackson. He has impersonated the late pop star in many performances including his dad's concert. Frankie Gao said he didn’t know about Bao-di's interest initially, but he has since been training his boy, “Cause you know, as a dad, one would hope his son can continue his legacy.” Bao-di was asked if he thinks he can surpass his dad, “It’ll be great if (I) can.” Frankie Gao responded, “That’s very difficult!”

Bao-di with Master Szeto

Yes…..the power of Donnie…always inspiring.

Source: Appledaily

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