Ethan Ruan doesn't have an eye for picking future models

Ethan Ruan is one of the biggest stars from his agency Catwalk, and he was back to support the company’s Catwalk Girl contest to find the next supermodel. Although he’s a pro in the modeling business, Ethan Ruan said he won’t be judging this time around, “I’m okay at picking girlfriends and pretty girls, but I’m no good when it comes to picking models. Back when I was a judge at the first contest, the ones that I didn’t pick are outstanding juniors at Catwalk now.”

Ethan Ruan is actually not the only that misses with his picks, because even the big boss at Catwalk gets caught off guard sometimes. In the 4-year history of the contest, many aspiring models have taken the chance to launch a modeling career. Catwalk CEO Ivan Hong was asked if they’ve had any transgender applicants in the past. He revealed that the now famous Alicia Liu has in fact participated in the 2nd annual Catwalk Girl contest.

He said, “I remember her being very sweet, but didn’t noticed she was a man. If it’s someone very charismatic, then of course (we) won’t reject any transgender applicants.” Ivan Hong also brought up a point of concern, “Some transgender individuals have very obvious Adams apples, which some advertisers might not accept. If they are fine with it, then I’m also okay.”

Source: Appledaily

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