Della Ding invites Xiu Jie Kai to star in her MV again

On Della Ding's previous hugely popular KTV hit, “I Love Him,” she invited Xiu Jie-Kai (Black & White) to star in her MV. For her upcoming album, she has decided to invite him again to film one of her new MVs, but like before, there will be no intimate scenes between the two of them. Della complained, “When you filmed other people’s MVs, you even had kissing scenes!” Xiu Jie-Kai immediately responded, “I only have you in my heart!”

At yesterday’s press conference, Della celebrated the upcoming release of her new compilation album and her first concert that is to be held on July 17. During the press conference, she performed her latest remake of the classic hit, “I'm A Small Little Bird,” which brought back some past memories of how she left home at age 18. Della’s eyes became watery as she spoke about the hardships she has been through in order to chase after her dream of becoming a singer.

Her new album will also contain other remakes of classic hits like, “Not Just Friends” (不只是朋友) and “I’ll Always Love You.” For her upcoming concert, Della has been practicing hard and she will be showing some sexy dance moves in the concert.

I'm A Small Little Bird MV

Source: UDN / video: binmusictaipei

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