Danson Tang wants to release a photo album with Eddie Peng and Joe Cheng?!

The self-proclaimed "Kpop style pretty boy", Danson Tang, just released his album yesterday. Eddie Peng, also from the same record label (Avex), showed his support by handing the gold-color baton into Danson’s hand, mimicking a relay race. In addition, Eddie gave Danson a Sunny Day Doll (晴天娃娃/Weather Doll) as a gift. It turns out that whenever Danson is doing promotional activities for his albums, it would always rain on the day. Hopefully, the doll can keep the days sunny this time round.

Seeing how buff Eddie has become after working out furiously lately, Danson expressed that he would also like to be like Eddie, disregarding his “pretty boy” image. Eddie immediately gave him three tips: less salt, less oil, less starch. Eddie then invited Danson to go work out with him.

Danson joked that if Joe Cheng, Eddie, and he release a photo album together, it would definitely sell big. Danson further explained that Eddie would be responsible for showing off his big chest and he would show his arm muscles, which leaves Joe Cheng to show off his…lower body.

Danson's latest MV "灰色河堤" (Grey Riverbank)

Source: Liberty Times / Video: avexcpop

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