Danson Tang talks about comeback, friendship with f(x)’s member Amber

It’s been over 18 months since Taiwanese pop star Danson Tang was last heard from prior to his comeback, yet after over 500 days of preparation, Danson more than delivered to his adoring fans with the release of his comeback single “I’m Back” featuring popular Korean pop band f(x)’s Taiwanese-American member Amber.

Following the release of his second album two years ago, Danson described how he had reached a low point in his career and felt so depressed that he considered quitting the music industry business. Fortunately for his fans, Danson’s close knit group of friends convinced the comeback star to stick with it by releasing the type of music for him to express his feelings. The result is his ambitious “I’m Back” track off his third album “D1 Seconds”.

Along with his full-swing preparations for the new album, Danson began his transition back into the spotlight. “It’s been a long time since I last stepped in front of the cameras to sing and dance. I’m in love with being on stage to perform once again, and still get a bit shy,” expressed the pop star. Furthermore, last week proved to be a landmark move for Danson, as the MV release of his latest tune with Amber marked the first MV to ever hit the Taiwanese and South Korean editions of YouTube simultaneously.

In order to prepare for the MV filming of the song, Danson followed a three-month LA-style dance regimen with Amber. Both Danson and Amber really didn’t meet until they were introduced to each other at the onset of the MV dance preparations, but as they worked together for their dance routines, the two of them naturally became friends as Danson said, “I’ve become Amber’s little sister!” Whenever Danson goofs off on the set, he would playfully smack Amber’s head and pinch her nose. And even though Amber has a somewhat working knowledge of Chinese due to her Taiwanese background, it was the motions of their feet and hands while they danced that proved to be the communications that made the difference.

Source: UDN

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