dance flow delights fans with new remix and popular ring tone

Since the mid-April release of their freshman album, Taiwanese pop group dance flow has risen hugely in popularity following their heavy promotions from powerhouse music label avex. The 8-member group, who has garnered a faithful following with their sensational dancing and catchy beats, recently made an interesting entrance to an autograph event by riding in with a multi-seated bicycle together as a group and popping four huge balloons featuring their group’s logo. The group’s hard work has apparently been pushing them to the limits, as three of the female group members – Din Din, Iris, and WaWa – developed a high fever, yet still made an appearance on stage to perform their energetic routines for their screaming fans.

Outside of their standard promotions, dance flow has been making waves related to their latest songs. Their debut song “Come on!” recently received remix treatment from one of Japan’s top music producer called the Sakoshin remix, which has been receiving a lot of attention on the Taiwanese charts. The remix not only replaced the original Chinese Mandarin lyrics with English ones, but also features a more club beat feel to the original dance tune. A slower and more emotional piece off their latest album titled “Charming and Dangerous 迷人的危險” has been serenading the ring tones of cell phone users in Taiwan. Furthermore, a dance flow fan video contest has showcased the talents of little netizen girls dancing to the beats of dance flow’s “Come on!” original mix.

dance flow’s “Come on! (Sakoshin remix)” MV:

dance flow’s “Charming and Dangerous 迷人的危險” MV:

Little netizen girls dancing to dance flow’s “Come on!”:

Source: sina

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