Complaints over JJ Lin's GMA loss turn into a big mess

It wasn't too long ago when we reported about speculations over JJ Lin’s Golden Melody Awards nomination in May. As we all know by now, JJ Lin didn’t win Best Mandarin Male Singer, but the story is far from over.
A lesson in "thou shall keep thy mouth shut" courtesy of Mr. Eric Lin (on the right).

Shortly after the GMA’s on Saturday, the CEO of Ocean Butterflies Music, Eric Lin, openly complained about his pupil being robbed of the award. He claimed, “JJ Lin received over 10 votes in the first round, but didn’t even get 5 in the end (referring to the 2nd and final round of voting). (He) was made to lose on purpose.”

However, the head of the GMA judging panel, Johnny Yin (殷正洋),  revealed a different story, “Due to his relationship with JJ Lin, Eric Lin did not participate in the voting process. We did not discuss about anyone in particular during our vote. I think he should have confirm, discuss and understand the real situation before speaking. Using assumptions is very inappropriate.”

Regardless of whether JJ Lin should have won or not, the voting process which was made public* shortly after the GMA's indicated he never came close to winning. The judging panel explained that Jam Hsiao, Khalil Fong and JJ Lin were in fact eliminated in the first round. David Tao eventually won by taking 10 votes against 7 for Eason Chan. Two judges, including Eric Lin and Wawa (who works closely with David Tao), did not participate in voting.

Eason Chan should have won Best Hair for his Kim Jong-il-inspired 'do

Eric Lin was still angry at the media for pointing fingers back when the nominations were annouced, “When JJ was nominated, the media all said I had influence, but base on the result, I really regretted “not influencing”. After listening to his performance, I didn’t think I would need to influence anything.”

He retracted his statement yesterday and suspects someone purposely leaked the names of the judging panel for their own advantage. He said judges would have been afraid to vote for JJ Lin after reading news about his influence over the nominations. He believes someone’s loss would be another person’s gain, and questioned who benefited in the end when JJ Lin didn’t win the award.

When asked if he is referring to Gold Typhoon (which released David Tao’s album last year), Eric Lin responded, “I dare not to say it’s him! (I’m) worried of being beaten to death.” He said he only intended to promote good music when he joined the judging panel, and will never do it again after all the havoc it caused. As for David Tao’s absence at the GMA’s, he said, “When viewers watch us giving awards to people that are absent, wouldn’t they ask what the heck we are doing?”

David Tao got his 1st win after 7 Best Male Singer nominations.

In response, Gold Typhoon said no one from their company was on the judging panel, so the claim is ridiculous. They wanted to thank the judges for acknowledging A-Mei Chang and David Tao for their music. David Tao’s manager added, “David Tao doesn’t work with Gold Typhoon anymore! Why would Gold Typhoon do something so risky?”

It’s been rumored that Eric Lin’s intention behind his high-profile complaint was to re-sign JJ Lin because his contract is about to expire. Eric Lin refuted this claim and said he is not involved in contract negotiations as he is the company's CEO. He said, “The market has worsened so much, sales for our three albums this year have dropped sharply. If he really won’t renew his contract, I'd think, it’s because we could’t give him any promises.”

Last but not least, JJ Lin said he was indeed disappointed of not being able to win at the GMA's. Nevertheless, he was very happy about his performance, so much so that he was drunk after having 2 glasses at the after-party. As for the praises he received from netizens, “It’s the first time I’ve ever performed in such a big awards ceremony in Taiwan. I'm very touched by the recognition.” His performance already has over 150,000 views on Youtube. Meanwhile, netizens voted him and Cheer Chen as the biggest misses of this year's GMA’s in a Yahoo Kimo poll.

Interestingly, it's a tradition for absent nominees to win big at the GMA's. Here’s a look back at those "Missing  Winners" (courtesy of UDN):

Sarah Chen (陳淑樺) won Best Mandarin Female Singer at the 3rd and 7th GMA's, but missed both due to health problems.

Sally Yeh (葉蒨文) missed the 5th GMA's in which she won Best Mandarin Female Singer. She made it to the show in the following year but didn’t win.

The late Tom Chang (張雨生) won both Best Album and Singer at the 9th GMA's but died in a fatal car accident months before the ceremony.

More recently, Eason Chan and Jay Chou were also no shows when they won Best Mandarin Male Singer in 2003 and 2009 respectively.

Here is JJ Lin's performance from gar0922's channel

*Not leaked, the results are published by various news outlet every year.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Libertytimes, UDN, gar0922's channel

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