Cheryl Yang reveals her new look for upcoming drama

Yesterday, Cheryl Yang presented her new look for the upcoming SETTV idol drama, “鍾無艷 (Zhong) Wu Yen.” Staying true to Zhong Wu Yen, her left forehead was painted with a large birthmark. She expressed that she does not mind playing an ugly character, “I think it’s a challenge. How ever the role may be like, I can accommodate.” For the drama, she has to film with little to no makeup. She said that her body, hair, and skin are given by her parents, and so if she really had a birthmark like her character, she wouldn’t undergo plastic surgery to get rid of it.
Left: Cheryl in her new drama image. / Right: Harry of Da Mouth is Cheryl's rumored younger boyfriend.

But of course, the main focus of the press conference shifted to her rumored relationship with Da Mouth’s Harry. The two were rumored to have hit it off after working together in the mega hit idol drama, “My Queen.” Harry was also caught going to Cheryl’s house and staying overnight many times. Regarding this, Cheryl smiled and responded, “I’m living well and I have many friends.” When the media pressed further and asked whether they are “friends that can enter and leave each other’s homes freely,” Cheryl laughed while feeling a little embarrassed, “Our relationship hasn’t changed. Moreover, a lot of people can come over to my place.”

Harry, who is currently busy with performing at concerts in the mainland, responded through his manager, “(I’m) indeed a friend that can enter and leave her home,” but avoided answering directly whether or not they are in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

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Source: UDN

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