Cheryl Yang and Ming Dao get ready for new drama

Cheryl Yang and Ming Dao filmed the ending theme for their upcoming SETTV drama Zhong Wu Yan (鍾無艷) on the 28th. In contrast to the birthmark on Cheryl Yang’s character, Ming Dao revealed that he actually had a real birth defect of his own.

As a child, he suffered from ligament and muscle problems that forbade him from walking properly. The young Ming Dao wore leg braces as a result but never felt discriminated. After rehabilitation and nightly massages by his dad, he eventually recovered and went on to participate in track races.

The actor said everyone has imperfections, but they should be dealt with under a positive mindset. He remembers the time when he attended kindergarten, the principal would carry him and feed him, even making other students envious. Cheryl Yang added, “The imperfections of a person might be unique in someone else’s eyes. One’s body, hair and skin belong to their parents. They are also a gift from the greater power.”

Following the likes of Van Ness Wu and Ethan Ruan, who showed off their 6-pack in idol dramas, Ming Dao is working out to get his “bod” ready. Despite losing 2 kg, he said he might not be able to satisfy those viewers who wish to count his muscles, but he guaranteed it will look healthy and comfortable.

More pics from the set:

[Update] UDN reported that Chris Wu (吳慷仁) from Autumn's Concerto will also be in this drama.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN

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