Channel [V]'s Top 20 Countdown (5/29/10)

It's been a while since we last visited the MV charts, but this week we're back and it seems our absence has led to a sprout a bunch of new songs! Notable tunes include Y2J's "Lonely Forgiveness", Claire Kuo's "Encore LaLa", and Jaycee Chan's "Like Nothing Ever Happened." As it is summer, Waterman has released a new album, and this week's hit is "Love is Great", which apparently holds a record of having 20,000 people recorded on the track. Korean group F.Cuz also introduces their Mandarin version of hit "Jiggy" with labelmate Yao Yao. However, Show Luo manages to cling onto the charts even a month later with his hit "Why Should We Be Together", proving his popularity and sustainability as one of Taiwan's Heavenly Kings.

Jay Chou, of course, takes this week's crown with his East-West fusion "It Rained All Night". The MV stars Darren from The Drifters as the main character and emulates past Jay MVs such as "Hair Like Snow" by using the past-present reincarnation effect.

As the summer heats up, lots of artists will be releasing new albums and songs. Will they have what it takes to get on-and stay on-the charts? Stay tuned!

(NEW) 1. Jay Chou 周杰倫 - 雨下一整晚 It Rained All Night | MV

(↑4) 2. Claire Kuo 郭靜- Dowry 嫁妝 | MV

(↑2) 3. F.Cuz ft. Yao Yao 郭書瑤 - JIGGY | MV

(NEW) 4. AK - One Second 一秒鐘 | MV

(NEW) 5. S.H.E. - Fell In Love With You 愛上你| MV

(↑3) 6. Yen-j 嚴爵 - Thank You For Your Wonderful 謝謝你的美好 | MV

(↑4) 7. Waterman - Love is Great 愛很大 | MV

(↓7) 8. Jay Chou 周杰倫 - Superman Can't Fly 超人不會飛 | MV

(↓3) 9. Rene Liu 劉若英 - Keep Going: To My 15-Year Old Self 繼續-給十五歲的自己 | MV

(NEW) 10. Jaycee Chan 房祖名 - Like Nothing Ever Happened 若無其事 | MV

(↓9) 11. Claire Kuo 郭靜 - Encore LaLa | MV

(↓4) 12. Rainie Yang 楊丞琳- Black Moon 黑色月亮| MV

(↑6) 13. Cotton Candy 棉花糖 - Goodbye My Prince 再見王子 | MV

(NEW) 14. By2 - Take Me Away 帶我離開 | MV

(NEW) 15. Shadya Lan 藍又時 - Duality 一趧兩面 | MV

(NEW) 16. Princess Ai 戴愛玲 - 跳痛 | MV

(NEW) 17. Y2J 神木與瞳 - Lonely Forgiveness 寞恕 | MV

(↓5) 18. Erica Jiang 江明娟 - It's Always You 海是你 | MV

(↓2) 19. Show Luo 羅志祥 - Why Should We Be Together? 為什麼要在一起 | MV

(NEW) 20. Eddie Peng 彭于晏 - Chameleon 變色龍 | MV

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