Chang Yun Jing returns with a new look

If you thought Bibi Chow’s new look was something, wait till you see our dearest Chang Yun Jing!

Former Super Idol winner Chang Yun Jing is set to return with her 2nd album The Opposite Me (相反的我) on July 9th. In accordance with the album's theme, a "Good” and “Broken” version will be available at record stores and local 7-Eleven's respectively.

In the “Broken” version, Chang Yun Jing took a page from Amit (A-Mei’s alter ego) and transformed herself into a “female rock-rider”. She looked like a true rocker in black leather attire and smoky eyes makeup, along with a pair of 20 cm heels. Chang Yun Jing said she even forgot how to walk after putting on those shoes.  She now has a greater appreciation for Amit’s ability to sing and dance in them.

During the photo shoot, Chang Yun Jing posed with an Italian-made motorcycle that’s called the Ferrari among industrial motorbikes. She said she would love to take it out for a spin on the highway, but upon hearing its cost of 1 million NTD, she quickly changed her mind, “I’ll stick with the Sym Wolf 125 for now. My hard-earned money should be saved for buying a house!”

Here's her new music video for "壞了 (Broken)" from supernicemusic's Channel

Source: Chinatimes, supernicemusic's Channel

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