Blackie “falls” from grace

No he didn’t get arrested or quit another one of his shows. “BlackieCharles Chen was invited by the AXN network to promote their upcoming broadcast of NCIS: Los Angeles. He was joined by model/actress Larissa at the press conference, in which they played a policeman and an undercover officer respectively.

While Blackie was on his way to the venue, he slipped and fell on his back shortly after getting out of his car. He wasn’t worried about sustaining an injury, but rather if reporters got a shot of his fall, because it would severely damage his “policeman” image.

At the press conference, Blackie revealed that his grandfather was once the classmate of a former Police Chief.  He said he has a special feeling towards a career in law enforcement, and hopes to be a undercover detective in his next life. When asked who would be his ideal partner, he said he would like to work with Mark Chao.

Source: Libertytimes, UDN

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