Angela Chang to replace Ariel Lin in Extravagant Challenge?!

Three years ago, Ariel Lin accepted the female lead role to GTV’s upcoming drama “Extravagant Challenge,” based on the highly popular manga, Skip Beat!. But due to some high-level changes that went on with their Japanese partner, the script not only had to be reworked, the male lead also changed from Jerry Yan to Wu Chun, and most recently, rumored to be Super Junior’s Dong Hae and Siwon. Despite all that was happening, Ariel was still confirmed for the drama, but recent rumors surfaced that Angela Chang is also interested in taking the female lead role for the drama.

Ariel Lin on the left, and Angela Chang on the right.

Ariel’s debut drama, “True Love 18,” and her most recognized drama, “It Started With A Kiss,” are both from GTV. Ariel and GTV have always worked closely, and she even won the Golden Bell’s best actress award for “They Kiss Again.” Just days ago, Ariel has been confirmed to film the Taiwan version of “Coffee Prince.” Due to this, GTV worries that there will be “too much Ariel Lin”, as well as scheduling conflicts (if she films both dramas). Thus, some staff members suggested Angela Chang for the role instead, who has also done quite well in drama ratings.

Yesterday, GTV’s representative Cai Fei Qiao expressed that the Japanese side asked what GTV would do if Ariel Lin’s schedule can’t match with Dong Hae and Siwon’s. Thus, Angela Chang’s name came up.

Cai Fei Qiao continued, “I definitely hope that Ariel can film the drama, but it’s still too early (to confirm). We still have to wait until the Korean side confirms Super Junior’s schedule, then we can find the right female star to accommodate.” With that said, GTV is now putting Dong Hae and Siwon as the main stars for “Extravagant Challenge.” Even though Ariel has waited three years to film the drama, there is a possibility that she may be switched out of the role.

Linfair Record’s Director Wu Yi Fen expressed yesterday that from a manager’s standpoint, it would be a pity if Angela doesn’t act in dramas anymore. Linfair had turned down more than twenty drama offers for Angela in the past two years because of her health and stress issues. She denied that Angela would be taking up “Extravagant Challenge,” and expressed that Angela is preparing to release a new album later this year, so acting will have to wait until the end of the year.

Interestingly, Ariel’s second album is expected to be available for pre-order in August, so it looks like the two stars will first battle each other in music. Ariel’s manager Chou Mei Yu spoke frankly yesterday after hearing about GTV considering Angela for the drama role, “Ariel has sacrificed a lot for GTV. Everyone can see that. Let’s confirm who the male lead will be first before saying whether or not she will be in it.”

Source: UDN

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