Alyssa Chia’s ex-husband wants half of her income

There seems to be no end to the real life melodrama for actress Alyssa Chia(賈靜雯) and her ex husband. For those who haven’t been following the story, she is in an ugly custody battle with her ex that spans across from Taiwan to the US. Rumors are circulating that he is now asking for 26 million (NTD) from her, which would make this a very, very pricey divorce…

Back in April of 2009, Alyssa Chia held a press conference and asked for the return of her daughter. The girl was apparently taken to the US by her husband. Some netizens thought it was a publicity stunt after photos of the couple shopping with their daughter surfaced. The short-lived family image ended when their custody battle was taken to court. She was rumored to have won the case, and is now preparing for her divorce.

Her husband Sun Zhi-Hao is said to be asking to split the couple’s belongings in half. He initially requested 46 million (NTD), as his lawyer Chang Nai-Liang once said, “Sun Zhi-Hao gets half, Alyssa Chia gets half, that house is now worth approximately 40 million.” After deducting expenses, Sun is asking for at least 26 million. He claims that Alyssa Chia’s earnings from endorsements and acting over the past 4 years are worth a minimum of 100 million, and their request is reasonable. Alyssa Chia is reportedly dumbfounded by the news. She said she fell in love and it was her choice in the beginning, so there was nothing else to be said.

The couple welcomed their daughter in 2005.

Entertainer Fang Fang commented, “I was thinking why he asked for so little, why he only asked for 26 million, and not 62 million? If you want money then you should ask for more! And (he) is talking about the law, how much money can the law get you. You are a big man, did you give your wife any money you earned?”

Alyssa Chia attended a charity event recently after disappearing for 8 months.  She revealed she is preparing for her daughter’s return as she is about to start school. Unfortunately, it looks like her headaches are far from over with the on-going custody case and the impending divorce. It was a different story five years ago when her marriage to a rich family was envied by many. Only time will tell who is the biggest loser out of this real life drama.

[Correction was made to above article: Alyssa Chia's official statement today mentioned that the couple has in fact signed a divorce agreement back in 2006.]

Source: Nownews

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