Ady An can't get enough of Birkin

Owning a Hermes Birkin is many women’s wish…including Ady An.

This time, UDN takes the photo-shoot at a Hermes store. The moment Ady walks in, she speaks with excitement, “Do you know what I brought?” Like a kid anxiously showing off her treasure, she takes out her four hundred thousand dollar (NT) dream bag, which is the most expensive bag that she has ever bought and spent five years on the waiting list to obtain.

“I can’t even bear to actually use it. I bought it at the beginning of the year and today is the second time that I’ve taken it out to use it.” Ady reveals that she treats her Birkin like a Goddess, “I don’t take it out when I’m filming or when it’s raining outside.” When asked if her dream of owning a Birkin bag ends here, she giggles and says that she still wants to get another one in a lighter color. She’s got her eyes on the grey and white crocodile-skin version, but its price is well over a million (NTD), making her cry out three times, “So expensive!” And then she adds, “I really can’t (buy it). I’m probably not fated to. I hope my future husband will buy it for me!”

Her future husband? Every time Ady is asked about her love life, she would immediately frown, but for the sake of a Hermes Birkin, she actually said those words! She shyly responds, “I’ve grown up, you know? My body has already become immuned, so I can face them (those questions) now.” The only thing she still minds is, “Can we ‘delete’ Dylan Kuo off of the list of past love rumors? That one is really too out of this world.”

Counting all the previous love rumors Ady has had, from Director Ke Qin-Zheng, Dylan Kuo, Huang Xiao-Ming, Boss Huang Zung-Lei of Huayi Brothers Media Corp., Deng Chao to Zhang Bu-Jin the former assistant of Legislator Hsieh Kuo-Liang. Ady admits that Director Ke Qin-Zheng and Huayi’s Boss Huang Zung-Lei have really taken good care of her in the past. As for Huang Xiao-Ming and Deng Chao, Ady says that they are just good friends. Ady nicknames Zhang Bu-Jin “195” (as in centimeters).  She explains, “He’s so tall. When standing among our group of friends, he’s like our bodyguard. It’s enough to be rumored with all these people, but Dylan Kuo and I have never eaten dinner alone together. We’ve never even made a call to each other.”

After being in showbiz for so long, Ady has seen it all. Ady assures that she will not date a male star, “There are so many pretty girls around on the filming set, where you can’t even tell who’s flirting with whom. So why should I tire myself? I can only become friends with other male stars, (so that) regardless of how many girlfriends they have, it has nothing to do with me.”

Bag on the side: Her once-loved Chanel bag (a NT$114,100 present from good friend Anson Hu)

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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