Aaron Kwok to become a race horse owner after 26 years of wagering

HK superstar and two-time Golden Horse winner Aaron Kwok has just about everything a man could ever ask for. He’s got a house, a hot girlfriend, countless sportcars and soon, he might be adding race horse owner to his name!

The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced yesterday that Aaron Kwok and a lucky few will be permitted to import race horses next year. The 44 year-old star has 26 years of gambling experiencing, but his favorite has always been wagering on horse races. The permit allows him to purchase a new horse (one that has never competed) during the 2011-2012 season and participate in races.

Aaron Kwok is currently filming The Tale of Magic in the mainland with actress Zhang Ziyi. He responded through his manager that he is thrilled with the news. “I've always wanted to buy a horse, and it took a few tries before (my ballot) was drawn! I was ecstatic when I found out about the draw today. In the future, I can bring my staff and friends to the race track, it’ll be fun. Hopefully I can buy a horse that’s fit and healthy, and then pull a winning horse someday. I’m trying to think of an interesting name for my horse now.”

Coincidentally, Aaron Kwok had once said he would like to name his horse after his song "狂野之城" (roughly translates to "Wild City" but note that the word "城/city" also happens to be the last character of his Chinese name.)

Becoming a race horse owner is no simple task. In addition to having the right connections, money is also a key factor. A regular race horse costs an average of 2 million (HKD), and another $50,000 each month to feed and train it. Moreover, buying a good horse depends on the luck of the draw. If it happens to be unhealthy or has an attitude problem, its owner might never make his money back before the horse retires.

Hot car...

Tall girlfriend (Lynn Xiong)...

Life doesn't get any better, doesn't it?

Source: Appledaily

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