Xiao Xiao Bin heads to school, 1 year tuition costs NT$200,000

Xiao Xiao Bin will be going to school! A year earlier than predicted, this summer, along with his inseparable brother, he will be starting pre-kindergarten.

Yesterday, Xiao Xiao Bin and his father took a tour of the kindergarten. Xiao Xiao Bin has now become the ultimate spokesperson for the school. His father said, "I originally wanted to have him start attending kindergarten when he turned 6, but he loves to write, sign his name, host shows, and speak English. So, going to school earlier will be better for him."

A year's worth of tuition is approximately NT$200,000 for Xiao Xiao Bin, but with him as the spokesperson, the fees were overlooked. Xiao Xiao Bin and a large group of kids played till their faces were red. His manager said, "He was easily accepted among the kids of his age and quickly fit in. Everyone's worries were unnecessary."

Source: UDN

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