Wu Chun spends Mother’s Day with Fahrenheit and fans

The members of Fahrenheit celebrated Mother’s Day with 1000 fans from Japan and Korea at the Fulong Beach. It has been 7 years since Wu Chun’s mother passed away, but he was especially thankful to be working, because “fortunately (I) didn’t have to spend the day alone at home, (or else) I would start imagining things.” The atmosphere turned awkward when one of the reporters asked him what he bought his mom during their interview.
Wu Chun (on the left) with his dad and late mom.

Member Jiro Wang said he celebrated Mother’s Day by taking his mom to the Shanghai World Expo last week, while the superstitious Aaron Yan revealed that he and his mom had some bad feelings after she damaged his Feng Shui decoration. He said, “I bought mom a NT$30,000 purse to make it up to her. She always gives into that.” The two successfully de-iced there relationship with the help of a Chanel bag. As for Calvin Chen, he didn’t join his family for any celebration, but he did give mom a call and promised to pay the bill. Wu Chun mocked him, “You buy love with money?”

Fahrenheit attracted 1000 fans for the 4 days/3 nights vacation at the Fulong Bathing Beach as the ambassadors of Tourism Taiwan. Each fan paid a hefty fee of NT$50,000 to meet their idols, and the event is expected to generate 50 million (NTD) in revenue. The participants were treated with signature Taiwanese food such as bubble tea and candied fruit, in addition to a barbecue at the beach. Fahrenheit will hold a second  fan meeting with oversea fans in Hualien on October 9th.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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