Wu Chun goes "Brother Sharp" for his new role

It's been nearly two years since we last saw Wu Chun in Hot Shot, but the wait is almost over! He will soon be returning to TV alongside Rainie Yang in the new idol drama 陽光天使 (roughly translates to "Sunny Angel"). Wu Chun's character is an entrepreneur who ended up living in the streets after going bankrupt. It remains to be seen if his “street-style” can top the beloved Brother Sharp, but he promises that “it’s not gonna look pretty”.

As for his costar Rainie Yang, Wu Chun said his impression of her is that she is very experienced despite her young age: “She debuted early. (I) thought there would be some distance, but (I) realized she’s just like a girl after meeting her.” Rainie Yang recently said in an interview that she is worried about Wu Chun looking prettier than her. In response, he said he looks “just okay”, and doesn’t believe pretty necessarily means girly. He stressed, “Whether I'm manly or not is something I know within myself, it’s fine as long as I know I’m not girly.”

Wu Chun is already feeling the pressure as filming of the drama is only scheduled to take three months. He said memorizing the lines will be his greatest challenge, because “there are too many business-related terms!” Although he’s an entrepreneur in real life, Wu Chun said his personality is completely different from his character, “I’m very easy going. I always give second chances for mistakes.” But Boss-Wu Chun does have his taboo, “I hate employee-gossiping the most. That would affect their work.” Can they admire their boss? He laughed and said, “Of course, that would make them more serious about working.”

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Source: Libertytimes, Nownews, gar0922's Channel

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