Will Pan decorates his room with luxury mineral water

From the pictures of his home that Will Pan recently posted on Facebook, sharp-eyed netizens quickly noticed 4 very interesting bottles of water in the corner of the room. He revealed that the bottles hold underground water taken from 800m below Kobe, Japan, and each bottle was decorated with 200 Swarovski crystals: “(I) purchased through a friend back in 2009. 8 bottles were bought at the time, each bottle cost about $100 USD.”

Will Pan’s career went to new heights last year after his concert at the Taipei Arena. He filmed 5 commercials and completed 12 concert performances last year. Although Jacky Chan and Jay Chou were the ones that top the Forbes Chinese celebrity list, Will Pan raised a few eyebrows as he “quietly” made 140 million (NTD) in 2009.  His paycheck should be more than enough to cover the “water”, but his luxurious decoration still shocked many netizens. His manager explained, “Will Pan is usually very frugal, but he bought it because he admired the designer very much.”

Source: Libertytimes

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