Waterman showcases his musical talent on 100% Entertainment

A few days ago, Waterman appeared on 100% Entertainment to promote his new album, 2010 Greatest Love. In his full suit, Waterman was definitely the most eye-catching guest of the day. Both host Butterfly and Xiao Gui (Alien Huang) were curious about the man under the suit, but Waterman advised that he cannot unmask himself. Xiao Gui even asked, "Are you the same Waterman from last time?" Despite no one could see his face, Waterman assured everyone that he is Waterman, and Waterman has always been him.  Since many companies forbid idols from dating, Butterfly asked Waterman if he was allowed to date.  Waterman revealed that he is allowed to have a girlfriend, but Xiao Gui made fun, “His girlfriend must also wear a suit like his.” Butterfly immediately added, “Then that would be very hot…it’ll be too sexy.”

Xiao Gui curious of the man behind Waterman.

On top of performing his latest single, Greatest Love, Waterman also showed off his guitar skills while singing Butterfly and Xiao Gui’s songs. Although Waterman amazed everyone with his musical talent, the discussion continued to be about his appearance - the suit. Waterman explained that many people thought that he was in his mid-thirties because of his mask pressing on his mouth area, causing wrinkles.  Still unwilling to reveal his true age, he disclosed that he has graduated from University.

Drink more water!

Waterman performs "Greatest Love" and plays the guitar

Dance Flow was also on the show and performed "Come on, Come on"

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