[Updated w/ MV] Waterman fights "Monster Sharp" in new MV

The masked hero, Waterman, continues to do his good deeds in his new MV, “More Water.” Waterman shows off his high kicks and fights away the chubaka-like “Monster Sharp,” who was littering by the Tamshui river, in order to protect the city’s cleanliness.

Although the MV content seems humorous, Waterman went through quite some hardships to film it. In addition to fighting Monster Sharp by the river side, under the Director’s request, Waterman also had to jump into the water. By the end of it, Waterman was out of breath, “This is the most action I’ve ever done in filming an MV.”

Thankfully, Waterman’s record company spent a hundred thousand dollars (NT) and specially custom made his body suit with special fabrics that is waterproof. Furthermore, the tough fabric can also endure the biggest action without tearing apart. Waterman, who was only wearing a skin tone color underwear on the inside, was able to perform all his action sequences with a peace of mind. In addition, Waterman’s mask is also super tight to prevent fans from pulling it off and exposing his true identity.

Waterman, who studies arts management, chose to take the vocal music course, thus, his singing performances have been well received. Previously, his identity was revealed, so he now has to be even more careful. Waterman reveals that when his classmates ask him if Waterman is him, he would always deny it because “his true identity is not important. What’s important is to spread the mindset of doing charity.” His latest album, “2010 Greatest Love,” has already broken the record of recording ten thousand voices, making Waterman very proud.

Waterman's "More Water" MV:

Source: UDN

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